This example makes use of the principle of 'aging'.

Important areas for shading are the eye sockets, the temples, the side of the nose and below the cheekbones. The vertical frown wrinkle and the naso-labial ('nose-lip') fold are also important areas to shadow.

If you extend sharp lines, for example by extending the naso-labial fold line downwards, this will give a negative and even rather mean effect. The longer the line, the more severe the character will appear. The naso-labial fold line can be found more easily if you ask the person whom you are making up to do a grimace.
Apply a dark brown beard shadow of Cake Make-up or Water Make-up with a sponge, on the areas of natural beard growth.
To get the stubble effects you use a Stubble Sponge.
Dab a moist Stubble Sponge into black Grimas Water Make-up (Pure). Hold the Stubble Sponge between the fingers and compress it gently, so that it becomes a bit convex. Test the colour intensity on the hand first. Then work dabbing onto the skin: do not use a brushing motion, since you would remove the structured effect.

If necessary, draw bushy eyebrows on with a brush to achieve an adult and rough effect.

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