If you extend sharp lines, for example by extending the naso-labial fold line downwards, this will give a negative and even rather mean effect. The longer the line, the more severe the character will appear. The naso-labial fold line can be found more easily if you ask the person whom you are making up to do a grimace.
Apply a dark brown beard shadow of Cake Make-up or Water Make-up with a sponge, on the areas of natural beard growth.
To get the stubble effects you use a Stubble Sponge.
Dab a moist Stubble Sponge into black Grimas Water Make-up (Pure). Hold the Stubble Sponge between the fingers and compress it gently, so that it becomes a bit convex. Test the colour intensity on the hand first. Then work dabbing onto the skin: do not use a brushing motion, since you would remove the structured effect.

If necessary, draw bushy eyebrows on with a brush to achieve an adult and rough effect.

General tip: Water Make-up can be used to add (additional) colour to the hair and eyebrows, provided that the hair is not permed, bleached or dyed. Use a toothbrush to do this.

Hair that has been coloured using Water Make-up (Pure) can be washed with shampoo.

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